2013 M-OSRP Annual Technical Review videos



Video Stream of the 2013
M-OSRP Annual Technical Review and Meeting


M-OSRP Annual Executive Summary Technical Review
June 27, 2013



Welcome, Introduction/Tutorial on Green’s Theorem derived methods within M-OSRP for wave-field separation and wave field prediction objectives – A. B. Weglein


Part I. Green’s theorem de-ghosting algorithms in the k, omega ( e.g., p-Vz de- ghosting) as a special case of x, omega algorithms (based on Green’s theorem) with: (1) significant practical advantages and disadvantages of algorithms in each domain, and (2) a new message, implication and opportunity for marine towed streamer, ocean bottom and on-shore acquisition and applications. – A. B. Weglein


Tutorial for inverse scattering series (ISS) multiple removal: The challenge, response, progress and plans – A. B. Weglein


Introduction for Multiple Attenuation Part II – A. B. Weglein


Why is the ISS Kristin-field-data test a compelling case that direct depth imaging without the velocity is viable? Strategy and plan to go from viable to added-value delivery. – A. B. Weglein


Modeling the phase and amplitude of P waves in a heterogeneous elastic medium – A. B. Weglein