2014 M-OSRP Annual Technical Review videos

Arthur B. Weglein, videos with (1) November 17, 2014 M-OSRP Executive Summary, and (2) key note address at the Kuwait Oil Co. /SEG Workshop , Dec. 3, 2013.


Using a newly developed quantitative RTM method to definitively answer " Multiples: signal or Noise? ", a video and a submitted paper – A. B. Weglein


Welcome, program goals, objectives and overall strategy: Tutorial on the inverse scattering series and Green’s theorem for preprocessing, one-way wave equation migration and for RTM – A. B. Weglein


Multiple attenuation: recent progress, and a plan to address open, prioritized and pressing issues and challenges – A. B. Weglein


Internal multiple attenuation on Encana Data – A. B. Weglein


Tutorial: ISS imaging – A. B. Weglein


Meeting overview and plans going forward – A. B. Weglein